Nemengen: Making of OC

Hello there. I’m Gorelltube, and today I will explain to you my own OC Nemengen. I will tell what Nemmy is, where did I get inspirations from, etc. So take a seat, some snacks while you are at it and enjoy the display, in English of course. 

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My first Logo

What is Nemengen? 

You may be wondering, what the heck is Nemengen? Well, it is an early prototype of biomechanical superoganism that first appeared in the upcoming 2021 sci-fi horror webcomic Vengeful Human. It served as the main antagonist and titular character for the story. 

Nemengen is one of my first “original character”, that originate way back from my teenagers age. While it has changed here and there, sometimes majorly, sometimes minorly, the character’s spirits was nearly always same. In present time, Nemmy’s main inspirations had been The Terminator, Nemesis from Resident Evil and John Carpenter’s The Thing. You can see this in the design and personality, being mostly skeleton-like, soulless and majorly formless.

In the story itself, Nemengen was created by Sasha Solovyova in the North Pole. At the time, the World War 3 had begun, as a result of countless problems of humanity. The biggest thing at the time were the governments, who had become very silent about these troubles. This made 75% civilians very angry and wanted answers. As a result, while people were selfish, they were more scared, as the earth had become more hostile to them than ever before. Sasha’s plan was to make revolution by solving the troubles by herself via advanced technology.

Unfortunately, this instead caused the creation of new lifeform, that began to evolve itself and mimic other organisms. After mimicking multiple humans and showing itself to the world, Nemengen became the biggest and most dangerous threat to mankind, as if it would get to urban area, all life would be assimilated by the superorganism.

There really is nothing else to say, since N-2099 is still in progress of being improvement. So last thing to say is, I hope you enjoyed, thanks for watching and goodbye.

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Drawing of different forms of Nemengen.

Created by Gorelltube